Mercado courses (public)

Domestic Transportation (ISC10N)


4 hours of an domestic transportation and the integrated inbound supply chain.

  • Domestic Transportation and the Integrated Inbound Supply Chain sample
  • Domestic Transportation Modes
  • Players in the US Trucking Industry
  • Drayage Operations
  • Drayage Operations for Import Containers
  • Import Drayage Services: Fee Structures 1.0
  • Import Drayage Services: Fee Structures 2.0
  • Full Truck Load Transportation (FTL)
  • The FTL Service Offering: Operational Considerations
  • Less Than Truck Load Transportation (LTL)
  • The LTL Pricing Model
  • The LTL Pricing Model: Additional Charges
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Players in the Intermodal Eco-System
  • Rail Network in the US
  • Pros & Cons of Working with Asset-Based vs. Non-Asset Based IMC'S
  • Intermodal Transportation: Pricing Considerations
  • Intermodal Transportation: Definition of Accessorial Charges
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed