Mercado courses (public)

Ocean Import Operating Models (ISC07N)


4 hours of Ocean Import Operating Models training content.

  • Introduction sample
  • Integrated Logistics
  • FCL CY/CY Moves
  • FCL CY/CY Moves 2
  • FCL Port-to-Door Moves
  • Analysis of LCL Models
  • Analysis of Buyer's Consolidation
  • Buyer's Consolidation: 3PL Operations and Service Portfolio
  • Buyer's Consolidation: When to Allocate POs
  • Buyer's Consolidation: Factors for 3PL Partner and Site Location
  • Buyer's Consolidation: Integration
  • Analysis of Direct-to-Store Models
  • Direct-to-Store: 3PL Operations and Service Portfolio
  • Analysis of Trans-load Models
  • Trans-Load: 3PL Operations and Service Portfolio
  • Trans-Load: Factors for 3PL Selection and Site Location, Module Review
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed