Mercado courses (public)

Global Purchasing (ISC05N)


6 hours of Global Purchasing training content.

  • Introduction to Global Purchasing sample
  • The Ten "Rights" of Importing
  • Functional Responsibilities and Activities
  • The Purchase Order
  • The Purchase Order 2
  • Purchasing Agreements and Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Orders: The Process of Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration
  • Purchase Order Details
  • Real-World Example: An Importer's Purchase Order
  • Aligning Purchase Orders With Demand Signals
  • Aligning POs: The Cascade Effect
  • Methods For Determining Product Quantities and the Timing of Purchase Orders
  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • How DRP Signals Cascade Up the Supply Chain to Overseas Suppliers
  • Timing POs
  • The Order Point Calculation
  • The Use of KPIs
  • KPIs: Finance and Accounting
  • KPIs: Finance and Accounting 2
  • KPIs: International Operations
  • KPIs: Supplier-specific metrics
  • KPIs: Human Capital
  • Integration with Sales and Operation Planning
  • Integration with S&OP 2
  • Purchasing in S&OP
  • Role of Purchasing in S&P, Module Review
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed